USB Port Replacement

USB Port Problems

Is your device not charging or refusing to sync when you plug it in? Frequent use of the USB port can cause problems. It’s fairly easy to dislodge internal components that make the USB port work properly. Additionally, condensation can seep into the port and cause erosion and damage to your device. We can help you with repairs. However, you should try a few simple troubleshooting tasks to be sure that professional repair is what your need.

Troubleshooting USB Port Problems

First, make sure that the problem is the USB port and not the cord itself. Try the USB cord with other devices to see if it is working properly. If the cord does not work on any device, then the problem might be with your cord and not the USB port. Try shutting down your device or computer, removing the power cord, and disconnecting it from other devices like printers. Restart the computer and re-try the USB port. Check online to see if there is an update for your operating system. If you are using Windows, check the device manager to see if a driver update is needed.

Repairing Your USB Port

If troubleshooting steps did not solve your problem, our trained technicians are available to help. Our expertise can save you time and money. By identifying the problem areas first, CPR experts are able to replace or repair problem parts without replacing boards or circuits which can turn out to be more expensive and unnecessary. You can mail in your device for repair or walk into a store today for on-site repairs. We can often fix the problem the same day.

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